Master of Comparative Law (Mannheim/Adelaide)


From fall semester 2014 onwards our program will be offered in a restructered form to be titled     Master of Comparative Business Law focusing on European and International Business Law!

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Joint German-Australian Master's degree: 15 years of excellence

Starting in 1998, the Law Schools at the Universities of Mannheim, Germany, and Adelaide, Australia, have joined forces to provide first-class legal education in Comparative Law. With the participating Law Schools being located almost exactly on the opposite side of planet Earth, we offer a truly global program in an ever more globalized world.

Accordingly, our Master's program is unique in that it combines German and Australian perspectives in law in a one-year program at Master's level.  Students spend their fall semester at the University of Mannheim, and then transfer to the University of Adelaide for the spring semester. After that, students submit their Master's thesis.

The MCL program provides students with the knowledge and the skills they need to succeed at international organisations, national governments, or international law firms. Regularly,  students from around the world enroll in our Master's program, providing a stimulating experience for each and every one of our Master's students. This cultural diversity will give you first-hand experience on what Comparative Law really means.


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